Tuesday, August 06, 2013

on the rationality of hope.

It’s rational to hope that all things will be restored.
Only a God could do such thing. 
Therefore, it’s rational to hope in God.  For if it’s rational to hope that p (i.e. that all things will be restored), it’s ipso facto rational to hope in that which p depends upon (i.e. that there is a God who could do such).
“… Your Kingdom come / Your will be done / On earth, as it is in heaven…” 


Blogger Unknown said...

It also would seem rational that if one does something that makes one feel like things need to be restored, he/she may take some steps to seeing this happen, such as making attempts to live in peace and harmony, through forgiveness through atonement and repenting as such would imagine life would be in he kingdom to come.

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