Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the world as religious experience?

Scratch that- the world as experiencing the Divine.  I don't think the word 'religious' refers to anything, and its meaning as use is dubious in 94% of the contexts to which it is used.  Anyway, I found this awesome website elucidating spatial dimensions via visual representation.  I think it's awesome, and it engendered in me another avenue in my love and wonder for God.  It also makes me wish I was better at math.  I really think Louis Swingrover would really appreciate it.  The videos are relaxing too- they make make me less anxious during sleepless nights.  Math therapy anyone?  I'd definitely get a MA in that if they offered it!  I've actually moved my position from 'contra' to 'agnostic' concerning the fourth dimension because of these videos.  I still think that time could never be a spatial dimension, but I now believe that there is a possible world with more than three spatial dimensions. 

Here it is:  the dimensions 


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