Monday, January 12, 2009

Idle thoughts.

The digital representation of an analog clock; I can't get over it. 



Blogger Harum said...

Some things are simply not worth getting over....
Or perhaps it is better stated:
Some things are so incredible (or perhaps incredibly useless at times?) that it's ambiguous notion, it's ironic address, beautiful constructs or inexplicable dexterity simply enraptures our desire to seize and possess it's understanding.
But then again-maybe that's evidence for God enough?
Our addiction to creation, as delicate portions of a master creator? Our desire to know and to deepen our comprehension so as to expand in our own manifestation, in repeated glory-like a celebration of forms, a tribute to renditions: constant repetition:
discover, love, create, conquer, master, elevate, repeat
And God just makes things.......... you know?
God just IS everything.
We come rising from his earth of dust and there He is, brilliant and extraordinary.
Breathing his mathematics, his poetry, his strength into our fragile little vessels.
He is the stillness, He is constellations. He is an array of sweet aroma, a profusion of remarkable light
He IS.
and he IS an artist.
And there we are:
Wondering. Baffled children-Elated or tormented by our innate sense of curiosity.
(His little finger prints all over our capable and brilliant little minds)
What are we looking for anyways? :
delectable exhaustion, deliriously repetitious, contagious curiosity dispelling endless revisions of the same
Everything is fullness.
(it is good)
Everything is beautiful.
(it is good)
There is goodness.
There is truth.
There is beauty.
And it is all God.
(and it is all good)
That cadence reminds me of genesis.
(I'll never forget Genesis. Shortly after my delving into the mind of God...Seeking out the gorgeousness of his fascinating mechanics and beautiful dimensions..... And then I read Genesis..'it was good, it was good'....and said "Wow God...You're a poet too?")

Can he be anything but beautiful?

Well I suppose that's what we're meant to learn. He can't. He doesn't get any less clever, any less beautiful, any less charming and any less incomprehensibly alluring. Endless occupations to occupy our minds. The AWE that is God (in his creations/creative form) never ends. I guess that's why there are beautiful particles of his incredible being and tiny little fingerprints of him all around us...So we can spend late nights wondering why he put eternal souls in temporal bodies....Why he gave us senses when the holy spirit crys out "seek beyond your physical sensory perception. Stretch out! find me! Come alive!"...Or how silly it is that a digital clock could capture an analog hour.

It's sort of like this red little ball sitting in my room.
Is it really red-or does it just hold the impression of a color I may never see in my life?

Either way, I look forward to the day that my eyes are with my maker-and i can see red with my soul.
Who knows, Maybe i'll even ask you what time it is and you can see what kind of clocks God has in heaven.


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