Monday, February 04, 2013

on hubris.

A thinker once said:
Woe to you if you think you’re not broken and don’t need, desperately, to be fixed.
Woe to you if you don’t try, with every fiber of your being, to get fixed.
And finally, woe to you if you think that your own attempts, using your own resources, will ever be sufficient for you to be in a place where you could see yourself as you are and say, truly: “Look at me! I may need fixing, but not desperately…”
One might attempt to question our thinker here and ask: “Why think that we won’t be able to fix ourselves?”
But our thinker might reply, quite reasonably, with the following:
Woe to you if think a desperately broken thing could fix itself.  For how could something be in desperate need of fixing but at the same time be able to fix itself in its desperation? Such an object wouldn’t be truly desperate, now would it? We’re not a ship that’s lost its mast but has an outboard motor with which it could trudge itself back to port.  We’re a ship with a broken mast, no motor, and just about to leave the eye of a hurricane.  Enjoy the calm while it lasts…
“And the rains descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it fell.  And great was its fall.”  Mat. 7:27
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