Saturday, March 19, 2011

"112 tomahawk cruise missiles rain down on Libyan air-defenses."

Come on Chomsky, go public and tell us we should just stand by and watch Gadhafi kill his own citizens.

"But, why do we do it for Libya, and not pro-American dictators?"

not a relevant question.

towards a moderate neo-Luddism.

Sometimes, when driving around, trying to find a certain restaurant, 80's club, or coffee shop, I find myself longing for an iphone. But then, when I get to the certain restaurant, 80's club, or coffee shop, and see groups of people sitting around tables with iphones in hand, checking facebook or youtube, wholly ignoring one another, my soul bursts with all the glee the Pharisee had in the presence of the Publican.

"Thank you, Lord," I say to myself, "for not making me like them."

"But," you'll protest, "my iphone is necessary for my job."

If that's true then your job isn't necessary.

[enter cartoon of Jesus being transfigured before a few of His disciples as they watch Jesus being transfigured via youtube on their iphones.]

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I wish I never showed you me.

As the world keeps on turnin'
My heart remains burnin'
And I must wonder
Is there any escape from being alone

Is there any shelter
Is there any home ('cause I'm exactly 400 miles from home)
Is there any escape from being alone

Please lord won't you give me some meaning
A definition to what I've been feeling
Words can't rationalize, years that I've cried
Words don't help me understand much anyway
Please lord won't you shed me some light
'cause I'm just looking to feel all right sometimes
I lose my mind, I lose my life, I lose you
And you are my everything
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